Interactive Media
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Interactive Storytelling
Story and interactivity converge
in a screen-based visual world

Featured Projects

[Verge]: Playing the Frame

[Verge] is an interactive work that explores visual language as an interactive storyworld. Shown at the UCSC Digital Arts and New Media MFA Exhibition. See Project >

Pencil and Charcoal Drawings

A few drawings made while studying at the College of Fine Arts at CMU many years ago. My preference was for Stabilo pencil, Conté crayon and charcoal. See Project >


Rendition:Rift explores choice of view and narrative focus in a playable storyworld. Shown at the UCSC Digital Arts and New Media Open Studios Exhibition. See Project >

Featured Interactive Story Articles

Navigating the Path of “Way To Go”

“Way To Go” by AATOAA Studio for the NFB journeys hazily through the new media landscape as an interactive film, a game, an interactive animation and a virtual reality experience. Read More >

Interactive Story’s Fighting Words

‘Interactive story’ is a nuisance as a term, and it is the individual words that oppose working together. What will it take to find the common ground that turns this term into a useful member of interactive society? Read More >

Introduction to the User As Hero

A common perception of the Hero is an individual with the courage, integrity and guts to persevere despite the obstacles. But there are far more flavors of the character type than this one, and not all of them with such a pure heart or optimistic destiny ahead of them. Read More >