British Council “Walk and Talk”: Selected Films


These are selections from ten short animated films created in collaboration with students of the British Council in Singapore. As part of the Speak Good English Movement, the British Council held a competition that challenged students to capture the atmosphere of a Singapore locale as a recorded essay, complete with narration, music and sound effects. The ten winning entries were then turned into animations. Students created their own storyboards in an accompanying workshop, and in some cases provided artwork for the finished film.

Bugis Junction: In this piece, the students wanted to convey the spirit of their close friendship through special moments captured in photos at their favorite place to hang out together. The four girls took the pictures used in the film, and I animated their cartoon likenesses moving from one framed photo location to another.
Bugis Junction Animated Short

Sungei Buloh: The visual concept for this entry played the hustle and bustle of city life against the quiet serene of the nature preserve. The storyboards were minimal so I fleshed out the design and animation based on a few key concepts that the students shared during our storyboarding workshop.
Sungei Buloh Animated Short

Singapore Pools: The students’ powerful concept for this piece emphasized the unending trap of addiction to gambling and their concern for this disturbing social problem. For the visual style of the animation, I referred closely to the storyboard drawings which seemed to capture the faceless citizen, one of many caught up in a mindless, robotic hope that drives them, day after day, to bet away their financial stability.
Singapore Pools Animated Short

Maxwell Food Center: The students drew an ambitious and highly detailed storyboard reflecting their specific take on which foods to savor, and stalls to visit, within the Food Center. Their choices were tied together with the running theme of what to experience “before you rest in peace”. The students provided all of their own artwork which they hand drew and colored in Photoshop. Storyboards were used as layout reference for composing each scene and guided the motion graphics to transition between them.
Maxwell Food Center