Articles and essays about assorted topics

Navigating the Path of “Way To Go”

“Way To Go” by AATOAA Studio for the NFB journeys hazily through the new media landscape as an interactive film, a game, an interactive animation and a virtual reality experience. Read More >

Chairs and Doors and Standing Room Only

My first column for ASIFA-Atlanta talks about ASIFA’s ability to open doors, fill seats and broaden horizons in animation. Read More >

DELF 2005: Bridging the Cultural Divide

Originally written for Animation World Network, this article covers the 2005 Digital Entertainment Leadership Forum in Hong Kong. Read More >

Flying Galleons and Swashbuckling Squid-things

The flying galleons and steampunked aliens of Disney’s Treasure Planet. John Musker and Nancy Beiman presented at the Savannah Film and Video Festival. Read More >

The Tantalizing OIAF Faregrounds

Yes, I refer to the tantalizing fare of the 2002 Ottawa International Animation Festival. So much to see and so little time to see it all. Read More >